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Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer shooters with great impact on the way we look at online gaming. GO you choose your team- terrorists or counter-terrorists, eliminate your enemies and earn money to buy better equipment at the beginning of every round. The Developers of CS: GO have added new maps, characters and weapons to deliver a better, improved gaming experience. What has also been introduced are the new gameplay modes, matchmaking and leader boards. Still, the most fervent fans of the franchise will not be disappointed as the game has changed only slightly and the classic CS content remains.

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Global Offensive is not ideal and not at the level it should be. Introduced all the way at the beginning of the game, the current matchmaking system is out of date compared to what some more recently created games use now. Once being one of the main selling points of CS: GO and being an great improvement from the previous games in the series, now it is just as outdated as those games were.

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GO is a tactical first person shooter that expands upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago. GO will introduce new gameplay modes, matchmaking, leader boards, and more. Global Offensive features five game modes for online play: At the start of each round, players can purchase weapons and gear with money earned from various actions, from assisting on kills to completing objectives. Regardless of mission type, a round ends when one team completes an objective, eliminates the other team, or lets the timer run out.

If the timer runs out before one of these objectives are completed, the team which did not need to complete an objective wins. Bomb Scenario — The Terrorists must plant a C4 explosive at one of two designated bombsites and protect it until its countdown finishes and detonates; the Counter-Terrorists must prevent the bomb from exploding, either ensuring that the terrorist team does not plant it or defusing it once it is planted. Hostage Scenario — The Counter-Terrorists must rescue hostages from the Terrorists, and bring them to an extraction point; the Terrorists must prevent the hostages from escaping.

If a Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist attempts to kill hostage, they will suffer a heavy cash penalty.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS GO (Region Free)

And in further evidence that the era of Counter-Strike has well and truly returned, Valve has added official matchmaking servers in Hong Kong. The screenshot appeared on the CSGO sub-reddit earlier this morning , and comes after Valve added matchmaking servers in Japan. Japanese players would previously find themselves playing on Singaporean and sometimes Australian servers with pings in the triple digits. But the inclusion of Hong Kong servers is immense for the game’s growth in Asia, since it gives players in Taiwan and China a much more reasonable option for matchmaking than they had previously.

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It’s even more intense in third-party matchmaking services, as those are generally only frequented by those truly devoted to the game. Naturally, that devotion often manifests in the form of teammates belittling each other, rage wars over the mic, and a general refusal to behave like decent human beings. ESEA runs one such service, although they’re not responsible for their users getting cranky. It’s currently only filled with players invited from North America and select community members, although regular players can get promoted into Rank S if they consistently perform well in lower tiers.

But why would top-tier professionals bother playing in Rank S at all? The system is fairly nuanced. The third-party client, which also doubles as an anti-cheat program, selects a captain and allows players to nominate and veto maps before a match begins. It automatically picks the best server based on the location of all the players involved, and ESEA is pledging to pay out prizes after 30 days. It’s not available for Australians yet at the time of writing either, although given the service markets to local CSGO fans and takes their money, it should be made available within a few months.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only service of its kind. But the end effect is the same.

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How to reduce lag in Fortnite Lower your ping with some of these tips. Optimize your router Reboot your router and set up Quality of Service support. Minimum System Requirements OS:

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Challenge others, play in seconds.

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Global Offensive was officially launched in China this week. Although it had been available to play in the country for several years, it wasn’t until this week that it received official distribution and support, including dedicated servers for matchmaking. This represents a huge opportunity for Valve which is looking to grow the game as it continues to gain further attention in the eSports market where it holds some of the largest prize pools of any game. Other online games have benefited immensely from Chinese releases.

World of Warcraft introduced several million players to its online world in September of Eight years later Chinese players account for a larger portion of the total game population than any other region in the world, including North America where the game was created. The Chinese version of CS: GO has seen several adjustments as part of its travel to a new territory.

Most prominent will be its far stricter anti-cheat policies when compared to other parts of the world. In addition to custom anti-cheat software not seen anywhere else, it will employ Alibaba’s Alipay Credit System. Alipay is widely popular in China, operating with more than 60 financial institutions and currently the world’s most widely adopted third-party mobile and online payments platform.

As part of its authority it requires that each individual links their personal government issued ID number to their account along with a phone number and bank account. Due to the mandatory usage of this system for purchase and authentication of CS: GO in China, any Chinese player who decides to cheat will not only have their Alipay account permanently banned from CS:

How to reduce lag in Fortnite

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The aftereffects however, were not as expected. According to the Dev letter a Rank System Beta was introduced. This changed the way how ranking was perceived in the game. The approach was taken to give PUBG a more competitive approach. A place where players could gauge their skills and be matched with equivalent competition.

The changes that were introduced in the beta are as follows: You get to play an initial 10 matches to attain a suitable rank. Next were the Rank Points that let players move up the ranking ladder with the focus being on staying consistent. This takes us to the third point which is the Rank Tier. A total of 8 ranks have been introduced and after the initial 10 placement matches, a player is assigned a rank according to the points they accumulate.

This is further clarified in the image below: In hopes of making the ranking system happen, there were certain changes made to how a match is found. With this matchmaking update, Devs wanted players to queue up for matches much efficiently than before. This included faster queue times and players being connected to game servers closest to their location.

CS:GO How to play on other regional servers

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