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Certificates of Insurance – backdating Questions Presented: Are there any statutes or regulations that govern the issuance of certificates of insurance for commercial general liability policies? Are there any statutes or regulations requiring an insurer or agent to complete such certificates with accurate information? May an insurer or agent issue a “back-dated” certificate of insurance? Properly prepared certificates of insurance are documents used in business and are not required or regulated by statute or regulation. Any certificate of insurance that “amends, expands or otherwise alters the terms of the applicable insurance policy constitutes a policy form, which must be filed with the Superintendent of Insurance in accordance with Section b of the Insurance Law. There could be an issue of fraud or untrustworthiness concerning this misrepresentation of date. A certificate of insurance is merely a document used in business to summarize information about insurance coverage but it is not a contract and is not required by statute or regulation. However, the certificate of insurance must contain the same information, whether delivered to the insured or on behalf of the insured to the certificate holder. It is not intended to confer to a certificate holder new or additional rights beyond what the insurance policy provides.

Machine Registration

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Only one of its kinda in sa percent original.. Just standing collecting dust Have 4 crates of spares for the electronics plus chrome trimmings etc etc all brand new honda genuine parts sealed extra side box covers extra tank covers brand new.

This covers all imported scooters, and all scooter sold by Cambridge Lambretta which do not come on the road. Points 1, 2 and 3 will not need to be done if Cambridge Lambretta supply you with a letter, please discuss this at the time of purchasing your scooter. Take a rubbing of the prefix and frame number Note: Just send in the copy of the MOT certificate ; The easiest way to do this is to stick masking tape over the numbers and letters, rub gently with a pencil or simi alar.

Peel off the masking tape and then re stick it to a piece of paper. Write down the frame and engine number on the piece of paper also. Send these details to the Lambretta Club of Great Britain, the address is below. MOT the scooter, this will have to be done on the frame number. Insure the scooter, again the identity will be the frame number. You only need to fill in the parts that are relevant to a two wheeled motor scooter, ie you do not need to fill out such items as axle weight, seating capacity etc etc.

Registering a Lambretta

As some of you may well know this was an ex postie bike that was privately purchased by the actual postie for his own personal use after it had served its time with Australia post!!. It had laid under a cover in his garage for the past twenty odd years due to the guy getting ill. I started to strip it down of engine and bodywork, and got to the point quickly that I recognised that I would spend too much time on it if I wanted to use it this summer, so I decided to enlist the help of Angelo at ASR for sourcing correct parts and to assist with the rebuild of the engine, and so far this is a situation that has worked well I have not stripped a scoter for 30 years.

Apr 03,  · DVLA today returned my registration application for my 50s as rejected. The reason was the dating certificate i supplied from the Vespa Club of Britain is insufficient!!

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Dating your AMC motorcycle

If it is just for information I will require rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers. This certificate cannot be used for obtaining an age related dating certificate. It can be used for display purposes though. Please include a large stamped self- addressed envelope. The certificate is A4 size therefore it cannot be folded down into a small envelope.

I would recommend a C5 envelope which allows a single fold to the certificate.

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We are also able to date Bajaj made scooters from – To obtain a dating certificate it is necessary to contact the club via this website. There is no charge for club members using this service max 2 certificates per year. In all cases, it is necessary to supply the FULL engine and frame numbers including all prefixes or suffixes and other data from the chassis and the engine.

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Need to Register or Reregister your Vespa? Register Machines that have not been previously registered in the UK will require: We include all models from through A Genuine CB32 Goldstar frame with a Goldstar dating certificate to authenticate this with a covering letter from the researcher at Bonhams and also extra. Yamaha Motorcycle Dating Service. Dating Certificate from the appropriate vehicle enthusiasts club. If you do not need further information but just wish to book a place on the Advanced Certificate course: For enthusiasts of vintage and classic motorcycles.

Online search and price, free Special Products catalogue.

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Fellowship with others who share a common interest. Usually up to 3 events a year that you may attend. A quarterly Journal Direct access by e-mail to a Technical adviser from the club. A voluntary register for all Vespa owned by members Discounts with agreed dealers and insurance Automatic member of the British Motorcycle Federation providing you with benefits available to members of an affiliated club.

Annual Membership Fees are:

Date: October 12, [edited from hard copy received with the album] I am sending my father, William James Rader’s photo album detailing his tour in Kodiak during the Korean War in the US Navy. He passed away in at 79 years of age from lung cancer.

Need to Register or Re-register your Vespa? Register Machines that have not been previously registered in the UK will require: All being well an Age Related Registration Number will be allocated. If available, you will need: The document should be a sales receipt dated before , archive document or Authenticated Copy of the original registration information or original Buff or Green Log Book or authenticated copy.

If you do not wish to send original documents to DVLA , send a photocopy AND the original to me and I can stamp and sign the copies as authenticated copies. These will be accepted by DVLA.

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If transferred the only option is then to apply for an Age Related Registration. The DVLA accepts the following in establishing authenticity. Contact the Registrar for information on the location of any surviving records. A copy of the original logbook or other documentation as specified above.

Austin 7 Swallow Saloon, original with matching numbers. Built in late , this saloon is a model that drives and runs well. With a good original interior and many correct parts, which with some additional work will produce a very good car.

Lambretta DL – Details: Me and Sue have been to the Isle of Man to watch the TT races over the last few years so it seemed a good idea to combine the racing scooter theme of the s scooter week events on the island. The John Ronald interveiw in June included the fact that three DL s had been shipped over for Arthur Francis team S Equipe before they had gone on general sale to the public and finished in the first three places.

When the dating certificate came back as a 69 model the idea of the John Ronald bike was born. Built over a period of 9 months ready for the Chucks retro Isle of Man rally in May Most of the artwork is from the Scootering article and the picture on the side panel came from a magazine advert in a edition of Scooter World my grandad gave to me, I even bought another picture to use for the paint masks so I didnt have to cut the magazine up.

High security registration plates (HSRP) seem to have run into a hurdle in INDIA

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