Is Conception II Really Like Persona? (No, Not Really)

First thing we have to understand with Conception II is that it has two types of game saves: For example, if you viewed a certain event with a female lead, then reload a previous game save before this event. The game will register as if you have seen that event in the database even though you have yet to. It is important to understand this because it works for quite a few trophies and thus helping you to achieve the platinum trophy without multiple playthroughs. They are white normally and will turn purple once you raise their affections. You will want, however, to talk to each heroine ONCE during every chapter to obtain a the chapter specific event ASIDE from the first chapter when a heroine joins your party because the first meeting you have with them will only trigger the “The Ritual” event instead. In other word talk to a heroine twice IF this is the first chapter you can talk with them in the game. Examine this Chart in the Tips and Strategies for more information. There are also 4 points during this play through you will want to make a separate save file that you DO NOT delete until you have obtained all the trophies.

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So why not review a demo of one of those Japanese games where you laugh from just hearing the concept of it? Some families go to Disney World. Others dive into the depths of life-threatening dungeons. The more ridiculous Japanese games we get, the better. However, I doubt this will sell very much because the concept has a laserfocus on the otaku audience.

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is another such game with an unusual premise — the player controls a group of high schoolers who create magical “Star Children” to fight the forces of evil — but I’m no stranger to the bizarre, so I jumped into its strange world without hesitation.

Children of the Seven Stars, nor do I think another game could come close to what has been created here. Conception II made me experience a range of emotions I never thought possible from a video game. Unfortunately, most of my feelings ranged along the lines of shock and confusion, not to mention my soul felt a little dirtier with each session. Everything, from the premise, its cultural implications, and the nonchalance with which the insane story unfolds left me bewildered.

The more unusual aspects come in the very welcome form of shortcuts. These streamline gameplay by sometimes removing the need to access the menu screen. The graphics are high quality anime style. The characters in cut scenes look like a great deal of care was put into each one. Although they are mostly stationary, the faces and poses change frequently, which is a very welcome feature.

Also, characters are never totally still. They are animated in such a way that they sway, which is surprisingly effective in making the characters feel more real.

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Children of the Seven Stars. Aterra is a world plagued by eight labyrinths that unleash a steady stream of monsters, and the only people who can fight back are Disciples given special powers by the Star God, and Star Children, the product of bonds between male and female Disciples. These Disciples hone their skills at the Academy, and there players must form strong bonds with seven female Disciples in order to produce as many Star Children as possible.

The best way to form strong relationships with the female Disciples is to shower them with attention and engage in meaningful conversations, and this is important because stronger bonds result in more powerful Star Children. With a crew of strong companions at their side, gamers are ready to head into the randomly generated labyrinths to battle a variety of monsters. In combat the party must fan out to find a monster’s weak point and attack it, building up their Chain Drive gauge to slow down the monster, and combining with each Disciple to unleash special Seventh Burst skills.

There are more than a dozen unique classes for Star Children, each with unique skills that can be honed, and players can send the kids off to the city to live on their own, which opens up new stores and provides new items to purchase.

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May 05,  · Conception II employs dating simulation to achieve this end. While dating simulation is definitely a more obscure genre, it’s not unheard of, especially in Japan. I wouldn’t have an issue with this if the interactions weren’t incredibly awkward and superficial.

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Review: Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars (Nintendo 3DS)

Published by Britton Peele on Apr 15, Such is the conceit of Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, a love child of role-playing and dating sim parents, though it’s not a master of either genre. It mixes many Japanese role-playing game cliches with occasionally questionable treatment of its female characters, and then piles the concoction atop a turn-based battle system that doesn’t live up to its potential. The resulting game is decidedly, painfully average.

Conception II is a JRPG which features a Dating Sim built into it. This unlike Persona in many ways because you aren’t trying to be friends with the girls in the .

Therefore, you have to choose a girlfriend. The first phase consists in dating your classmates to raise your friend level. Those mini-events are rather well done: Even if only a limited part of the dialogs is dubbed, the little conversations you have with your mates are really enjoyable as the Japanese voice actresses delivered their best. Sadly, there are not that many of those events, or least not enough to last 40h without regularly repeating the same ones.

After that you go directly to the church, not for the marriage, but to give birth to your children directly!

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