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Rate this Compatibility by clicking on the hearts: Compatibility Aquarius and Libra The Libra woman and the Aquarius man are a wonderful pair; they are almost perfect for each other. They have a lot of common personality traits such as being socialists, have a lot of energy, and cannot stand to have other people tell them how to live. The Libra woman is smart and knows what she wants in life and out of life. She is very spontaneous and witty. This is part of what attracts the male Aquarius to her. The Libra woman is also very organized. The Aquarius man loves to help others and feels a sense of compassion to those who are suffering in some way. The Aquarius is always thinking of new ways to make products better or designing new inventions.

Aquarius Man

Tweet So what are the personality characteristics of Aquarius male? What common traits Aquarius men usually have? Understanding their common personality traits is a good way to understand Aquarius friends and especially your love partner more easily. People born under this zodiac sign share some very interesting and unique characteristics that makes them special. That’s why many people love the idea of having an Aquarius as a good friend or a relationship partner.

So here are the top 3 personality traits that the Aquarius male usually have in life and in love

An Aquarius man can be difficult to be with. His Sun is in detriment and this makes him vulnerable to all sorts of issues with respect and sometimes makes him take everything that is said way too personally.

Which of these is the most attractive to an Aquarian? An Aquarian is going to want to know you can carry on interesting conversations. Read on for another quiz question. Part 2 Cultivating a Relationship 1 Keep the surprises coming. Since Aquarius is curious about everything, they love surprises. They love learning, they love experience, they love doing — they love living to the fullest.

A spicy, fulfilling relationship to them is one that keeps their brains running, wondering what’s around the corner. Don’t be afraid to go for the shock factor. It’s almost impossible to shock an Aquarius, so make it a personal challenge to do so! Suggest doing some crazy things — chocolate covered grasshoppers, anyone?

Aquarians, in general, are open books. They have no qualms when it comes to talking about even the most taboo of topics. Engage them in politics, current events, morals and ethics — whatever it is, they’ll take it and run with it. The more things you’re capable of talking about together, the better!

What does it mean when an Aquarius male kisses you?

Without a doubt, the Aquarius male is one of the most cerebral of the zodiac signs. He is all about being stimulated intellectually. When it comes to romance, he prefers staying in a relationship in which having plenty of mental stimulation. He is often in a world of his own — this makes him attractive. In fact, this Water individual needs to know who his partner is before jump in to the intimacy of a romantic bond with her.

If you ever run into an Aquarius man, you will notice one thing instantly — his mind is always in constant motion.

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the us are truthfulness, just, curious, affectionate Personality, Frank and Imaginative. But they are unpredictable, detachment, tendency to go off-track, and Inefficiency. You want to understand more about Aquarius, read 80 interesting facts about aquarius below. That will make you surprising about them.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. If you are dating an Aquarius male, consider yourself lucky to even get the first date. Aquarius males don’t date much. They would rather be an observer, hanging out on the scene. He would prefer to go to your house and have long talks into the night, and possibly just stay over.

He may tell you that he just video taped an erotica video featuring wild animals at the zoo with some vacationing starlets. He may stay at your house, never cook or clean, but just be there, when you come home from work. Then one day, without warning, he will be gone.

Scorpio and Aquarius Love: Irreverence and Lightning!

Aquarius by kalyani10 Born in between 20th January and 19th February, Aquarius men are believed to the visionaries of the zodiac. Their personalities are marked by an open-minded and inquiring intellect which also informs their personal choices. If you can keep these traits in mind while choosing gifts for Aquarius men you are unlikely to go wrong. Hi-tech Gadgets The great innovator that he is, the Aquarius man is attracted to the highly advanced, whether in case of ideas, knowledge or technology.

So, you can choose gifts for him from a whole range of hi-tech gadgets or electronics. Go for a handy GPS system if he is fond of trekking or hits the road very often.

If you are thinking of playing games with an Aquarius man, ensure that what he discovers in the end is worth all that play. In case it is not, he will just shrug and move on to the next mystery. Open books do not entice him and intriguing him will be your best. An unsuspecting female might feel way too important when he tries to probe her feelings.

May 2, Warning: They’re terrified of commitment. Aquarius men are quirky by nature. They are weird, funny, adventurous and they love to have sex. It takes a lot to hold their attention, and that applies to every area of their life including romantic relationships. Here are seven ways to love that wonderfully idiosyncratic Aquarius.

Take him on an adventure. Aquarius men are easily bored. They have the attention span of a fruit fly. So make sure you keep him entertained. Take him hiking and pet some llamas. Whatever you do, make sure it’s different and off the beaten path because Aquarius men don’t do traditional.

How To Attract An Aquarius Woman

Aquarius men in love can be a bit difficult to identify. Love and marriage are not normally thought of as an all-in-one package for an Aquarius man. However, if you do crave passion, cuddles and gestures of undying love, Aquarius men are perfect.

An Aquarius is a person born between 10 th of January and 20 th March. This is the first sun sign of the zodiac. The Aquarius is an air sign, but do not for one moment think that you can blow her off.

They are hardworking, nurturing, generous, and adventurous. These women love to have a good time; cherish the little things in life. Aquarius women are down-to-earth; they dislike argumentative and arrogant people. Use charm to capture and keep her attention. Core Personality Traits Aquarius women are naturally defiant, yet easy-going with their partners. They often disappear to regenerate their energy, which is a necessity to remain grounded.

Chaos and negativity can be overwhelming, and make them bitter. Water-bearers are known to distance themselves during the regeneration phase. Although, it may seem selfish, it is an honest effort to avoid hurting anyone. Do not take it personal if she dismisses you out of her life. It may be a temporary or permanent, but it is better to break ties early on. Wikipedia has a lot more information about them: It takes time for Aquarius women to open their hearts.

Friendly conversation is not the gateway to her heart.

Great Tips for Dating Aquarius Man – What You Need to Know, Girls?

Share Usually when people try to match up two of their friends, they usually consider how similar they are. While common traits, common preferences, and common values have a lot to do with maximizing Aquarius woman and Aquarius man love compatibility, there are a lot more factors to consider. This piece of advice pretty much applies to other signs of the horoscope when it involves two people of the same sign in a relationship.

You have to look at other factors.

If she considers herself an “Aquarius woman” and he considers himself a “Scorpio man”, then there’s a chance they will last. In general, the more members of a relationship who are crazy, the less chance they have.

There was no interest at all. Actually a friend of mine was very interested in him. His voice sounds like Lou Rawls or Barry White. I was at an BBQ with a friend who had been injured and need help to get to this early afternoon shing ding and me being the person I am I volunteered to take her. Another friend mine and I were sitting in the lounge area and this guy comes through with shades on, looking in our direction.

Although, I was engaged in conversation with another gentleman I noticed him looking in our direction. I knodded my head in a respectful hello way and continued my conversation. As I was putting my friend in the car he came up behind me and wrapped his sweaty arms around me and I nearly freaked out. Not from being startled but the mere fact he put sweaty arms around me as I was wearing a strapless jumpsuit shorts. He spoke these words in my ear, “I don’t want her I want you.

What can you do when a man knows what he want? It felt disgusting with it being hot as I don’t what.

How to Date an Aquarius Male?

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